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My mission is to help women, children and families achieve wellness, happiness and joy through a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

But I am far from perfect and I wasn't always living a healthy lifestyle. Like many of you, I am also still learning. I am a big believer in when you know better; do better. Not everyone is on the same level or path of health and wellness, and that is completely okay. 

I grew up with a misdiagnosis at a young age that left me bed-ridden. My skin, joints, and immune system were all tremendously compromised. I also experienced debilitating fatigue, muscle weakness, emotional issues and a number of other ailments. Four years later, I was diagnosed with Lyme and from there my healing story began.

Although my autoimmune condition was still present, I continued to pursue my passion of soccer, playing at the collegiate level, as well as my career in the fashion and entertainment industries. It was when the cycles of relapses were not going away and the stress was constant that I decided to do something about it from a more alternative view

In letting go and making a huge shift, my world opened up to a new career in holistic health and an experience into the healing power of whole foods. I never experienced a relapse again. 

My passion for focusing on women and children began when I became pregnant with my son, Gavin. There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition. This is where my research into true prenatal nutrition and natural parenting began. I was blessed to connect with the most amazing educators and professionals in this field. However, I also learned that life never goes as planned. My research was solely focused on pregnancy, labor/delivery and all about Gavin, that I completely forgot about myself. Postpartum anxiety and depression took over. Societal pressures of returning back to work and just the usual "do it all" attitude hit me hard. I forgot how to nourish my mind and body and, as a result, had to learn self-care all over again.

During my journey of returning back to self, I remembered my roots and growing up in the Hudson Valley. My fondest memories were visiting all the farms. Supporting local and local farmers has been a recurring role in my life, no matter what age and no matter where I moved. Cut to today, I’m back home in the Hudson Valley with my own little family and it means more to me than ever to show my son what it means to grow real food, eat real food and support farmers that help feed our community. I’ve found that true health begins in the home and in our own backyards. I am passionate about educating women about the real food movement, how to nourish their families with nutrient-dense foods and support local while doing so.

Thank you for reading this far. And I hope you will join me in helping families grow healthy, happy and joyful. Let's make the world a more nourished place for generations to come.

With Joy,



Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Tuning Fork Therapy Level 1

Weston A. Price Foundation Member

B.A. Communication & Journalism

hudson valley, new york

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